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Add these Spirulina Smoothie Recipes to your regimen. A green compilation of recipes you’ll love, no matter your smoothie style.

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Did you know that Spirulina is an Amazing Superfood that is rich in Plant-Based Protein?

For this reason, and many others, it is one of Permie Power Foods Favorite additions.

What is Spirulina?

green smoothie with spirulina

Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae. Made widely popular by NASA astronauts as a excellent whole food for space missions. It is an abundant resource of amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

The Superfood of the Future

Additionally, known as one of the most sustainable food resources, it has the potential to provide food security around the world. That is one of the many reasons they call it “The Superfood of the Future”.

This is not a new fad or a new food at all, it has been around for years. Research shows that the Aztecs, other Mesoamericans, and the Kanembu tribe in African would harvest it and use it for currency.

Kyanos Farms

Vast research on the potential health benefits continue to show positive results. Most of information available online is of dried spirulina. The process of drying it can be damaging to its delicate nature.

Many believe fresh spirulina is superior. Fresh Spirulina is available from Kyanos Farms who has a process of fresh freezing their product and is now able to deliver it.

Health Benefits

There is enormous potential for incorporating micro algal species in human nutrition. The body contains a great possibility of healing when given the nutrients it needs.

Testimonials of Health benefits range from increased, long lasting energy to helping fight off cancer. It can help some lower cholesterol, decrease weight gain, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and balance liver function.

Spirulina Smoothie Recipes

You can add spirulina to any of your favorite smoothie recipes. However, replace your powdered spirulina with fresh spirulina. This first recipe is a delicious creamy style of smoothie.

creamy coconut spirulina smoothie recipe

The Dreamy Coconut Spirulina Smoothie

Blend together and adjust to your liking. Enjoy your Power Food Smoothie

A high quality blender makes smoothie recipes easy
A high quality blender makes smoothie making easy

Without delay, there is the classic banana smoothie

Blend Together

The Gold & Green Smoothie

This Smoothie uses the beautiful combination of ginger and turmeric to add to the wonderful powerfood boost.

gold and green smoothie recipe
Permie Power Foods logo with green earth sprouting

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